Wilda Micaela

Lisbeth Wilda Micaela Mendoza Quiacaín. Hearing disability.

Wilda was born on June 28th of 2001 in San Juan La Laguna, where she still lives with her parents. She started working in Alma de Colores in November 2017 within the sewing and handcrafts area.

What she likes the most about her job is to work in the handcrafts area, doing bracelets and earrings. She feels very satisfied when she sees her work done and ready to be sold. Outside of Alma de Colores she likes to go on walks, go to her cousins house, do sports and go to church.

In the future, she would like to keep on studying, and attend a school dedicated to deaf people in Xela. Wilda believes that Alma de Colores and Centro Maya are good places for people with disabilities, and that they will always be welcomed here.

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