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Alma de Colores is the result of a collaboration between COE in Italy and Centro Maya in Guatemala. The collaboration between the members of each organization started many years before the workshops started. Each party works together with the aim of improving sustainable efforts and the success of this unique and needed project in Guatemala's Lake Atitlan region.



articles written about Alma de Colores:

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             CENTRO MAYA

Centro Maya (Maya Center) is a non-profit organization that benefits those with special needs and/or disabilities without discrimination. It offers services in special education, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychology, animal assisted therapy, occupational therapy, and music and recreation therapy to people with disabilities on a regular basis in the towns of San Juan, San Pablo, San Marcos, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz La Laguna and Santa María Visitación, all within the department of Sololá, Guatemala. The objective is to improve the quality of life. It is a leading association with programs in the areas of education, health, vocational formation and extensive reach (including small rural towns). These programs improve childhood opportunities, promote development and include youth and adults with disabilities within society.


Educative Orientation Center Association (COE) is an association of Christian volunteers in Italy. The association is dedicated to development via forms that allow for cultural dialogue, exchange and solidarity between Italy and other countries around the world. COE programs started in the 1950s in Italy, working in schools, doing social activities and training educators. In 1974, the Ministry of External Relations' ruling recognized COE as an adequate non-profit for international work. That same year, COE joined the CIDSE (Federation of Christian Organizations for International Volunteer Service).

Since 1970, as part of COE's self-development and collaboration with local partners, COE has supported projects in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Bangladesh, Guatemala and Papa New Guinea in the fields of education, professional formation, social development towards health and traditional medicine. COE has generally supported exploitation cases in regards to natural resources, biodiversity protection, rural development and nutrition security, in addition to the improvement of culture and local art.


In Italy, COE leads educational programs focused on development and intercultural dialogue and is committed to the promotion of art, film and music in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They are responsible for the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival in Milan, exhibitions, theater performances and musical performances.


              Asociación Handicap e Sviluppo

La Asociación Handicap e Sviluppo (Disability and Development Association)  was founded in 1991 in Turin, Italy. People with and without disabilities compose this organization and are interested in the promotion of ideas, projects and initiatives dedicated to overcoming obstacles and eco-sustainable development, or, concerned with the implications of people, groups, institutions, etc. participating in the fight for equal citizen rights, especially for those currently without rights, and a balance between poor and rich countries. These are struggles that both north and southern parts of the world face.


With its microprojects, Handicap e Sviluppo (Disability and Development Association) wants to create and plan development models that allow for equal distribution of resources, environmental protection, health promotion, education and ultimately, difuse motor economics knowledge.





This project receives funding from the "Otto per mille della Chiesa Valdese" (union of the waldesian and methodist churches).


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